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Okay here is my predicament which will be followed by two questions...One of the previous owners of my Jeep put aftermarket gauges in for Volts, Amps, Oil Pressure, Temp, and Fuel...Now these gauges are hooked up to the lights so that they are backlit when the lights are one...However they are brighter that the sun at night and distract me...Alright now for the questions...

1) How hard is it to replace the stock off/parking/headlights switch with one that work as a dimmer for the gauge lights???...

2) Where can I find a switch like this???...

Josh Lavalleur
'70 CJ5 4.3L V6
D27 & D44 axles
T-14 3-speed, D18 XC, Warn OD

It depends on how he hooked them up. Unless your light switch does not have a dimmer built into it (my 84 does)..then you will need a new light switch. I can't help but think that he wired the lights straight to the output for the lights. If you look under the dash, you should be able to see the old sockets for the old gauges. Did he use these?

If your light switch does not have a dimmer (can't twist the knob) then you will need to find one that has the same connector as yours. The switch comes out real easy. Drive to your local Jeep dealer, pull out the switch and walk into the parts counter. If they can't help you...then no one can. remove, pull the knob out...then on the bottom of the switch close to the dash is a little button, push this in and the whole knob slids out. You can then unscrew the front nut and pull the switch out.

John......southern CA
84CJ7,3"lift,32"BFG,4.11's,ARB,Solid Axle's
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