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New head lamps

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Just instaled two new Sylvania Cool Blue halogen sealed beams to day. Luck whould have it that on the way home from work today it was raining, I was impressed with the performace of the lamps. They had a very good white light to them. The lamps illuminated the road alot better than regular halogen lamps do. They are so bright I was suprised that no one flashed ther bright lights at me. I think the $33.00 cost was well worth it. Anyone else used these lamps, and what is your openion?
I like them.
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I had those lights ing mine for a while but the best light I have used and am currently using is the Sylvania silverstars. The way they light is different they have a blue tint to them but you really only see that when the light hits signs or license plates in the fact they're not so bright as much as they are clear making it easy to see the road/path/trail/dear/mailbox/or anything else that might happen to be in front of your jeep. It is almost like they light up the road without making any light pollution. This is very important for people with glasses.
happy jeepin
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I agree I have the cool blues on my YJ, a lot better, I get flashed all the time with mine, surprised the cops haven't pulled me over yet for having my highs on.
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making it easy to see the road/path/trail/dear /mailbox/or anything else that might happen to be in front of your jeep

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geez...those must be some fights at home!
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