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Hey everybody, I'm new to the forums but not new to the wonders of sans-pavement adventures. I've built two previous trucks, and after a few years moved on to the next, just like anybody who can't settle on their truck.

My first was a Baja/Prerunner style Mitsubishi Montero. That thing was awesome, and fast. My second was my pride and joy, and my introduction to the class of Chevrolet. I mean come on ... the logo is a bowtie ... how much more class do you need? Anyways, my second was a 73 K10 Suburban built up like a rock crawler. That was crazy, but the most uneconomical thing I've ever driven.

Anyways, my new project truck that my awesome wife bought for me. It's a 1991 Chevy (of course) T10 Blazer Tahoe LT. I love it already! Anyways, I'm hoping to build this one into an Overland/Safari style. Right now, it's completely stock and a perfect canvas for me to start from. Anyways, here's some pictures and my ideas for what to do and please ... throw in suggestions.

2" Suspension lift. I'm going to keep the IFS instead of doing a solid axle conversion; and beef it up with new CV axles, tie rods, and steering. Just to see what I can do with it.

Posi-lok system. I've found out the hard way 3/4 the way through a trail ride before a hill climb that the vacuum system failed. So I'm manufacturing my own ... for $25!

Brush Guard. Something I can mount a winch to, and be able to beat up and not have to worry about it. No "pretty" ones. Chrome sucks.

Rear bumper. Tough and aggressive looking with recovery hooks.

CB radio ... standard out here for trail rides with a club.

Basket Rack/Wilderness Rack. Necessary for overland adventures.

Gas cans.

Off road driving lights/rock lights. I was thinking maybe LED?

A decent trail GPS and a winch.

Any thoughts? Commence bashing the new guy!

Also, I'm out in Las Vegas. So if anyone wants to hook up and hang out and work on trucks, let me know. I also have access to a full garage with lifts and everything on base, so we can take it on base and do all the necessary work.

And here's my old rock crawler.

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