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I have a IFS hydro boost 4x4 diesel, not sure this thread is in the right spot. Mod placement would be appreciated, i am out of my element here. :)

I need to speak to/with either a 4x4 pre runner or sand drag guy. My truck doesn't steer well and is a fat pig at 7000 lbs.

I have some problems.

1. When the front locker is engaged it doesn't steer well, the steering wheel is very heavy. Pump mod or box replacement? What are you guys using?

2. I need to be able to take it out of 4x4 while at speed or reduce friction losses my current unit is a "power sucker", is this possible? T case R n R or Mod? How are you guys dealing with/reducing this added spinning mass that draws so much power?

3. I need to shed as much "hard part weight" as i can without sacrificing to much durability.

I post hear because my thinking is the pre runner guys have the steering figured out and the sand draggers have the t-case deal figured out. The circles i run in haven't made it this far yet... its a Diesel.:eek:oo:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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