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My CJ has 2.73 gears. Before I did the HEI conversion my CJ would stall unless I slipped the clutch. Now it drives much better and I am considering the Teralow(4to1) kit for my Dana 300. Is this a cheaper easier way to increase my crawl ratio. The lowest gears I would consider are 4.10s. If I swap gears I increase my crawl ratio by 1.5 times. If I do the Teralow my low range ratio increases by 1.53 times. I basically get the same result for less money with the Teralow. Are my calculations correct, does it make sense to do the Teralow if I am happy with how my Jeep performs in 2HI?


85 CJ7-4.2L,T-176,D300,2.5"lift,32"BFG MT,Durabak,York-Air,HEI

Are you sure you have 2.73 gears?...and not 3.73? 2.73 With 32" tires means the on streat driving would be hard on the clutch. If you do in fact have 3.73 then the TearaLow is a better way to go. If its 2.73 then go with new gears, if will make it more drivable.

John......southern CA
84CJ7, 3"lift, 32"BFG, 4.10's, ARB Locker, Solid Axle's, Durabak

2.73 gears were very common on the late CJ7... My 83 came with them also...

In any case, your math is pretty much right... however, the 3.73 gear would make your jeep perform much better all the way around, on and off-road.
It will cost a little more, but I think over all you would be happier.

Another consideration is: are you going to do axle swaps down the road? If yes, soon? If was going to swap the axles (like for a D44 in the rear..) then I might sway to the TeraLow kit....

Think out what your goals are then purchase accordingly. You'll spend less money in the long run.

I run 33" swampers with 3.73 gears and it does well on the street with this setup... I also have a granny tranny so I get benefit of a 6.5:1 1st gear...

Jim O'Brien
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I would tend to agree with DDawg about the 2.73s being tough on your clutch.. You probably have the 2.73s (common on the later CJs...fuel economy thing), but it may be a little hard on your clutch and maybe your engine.

I think you did your math correctly, parts wise Tera-Low would be cheaper. A gear swap from 2.73 to 4.10s will probably also require new carriers in addition to the ring and pinion. Carriers run about $50-60 each. You wouldn't need 'em if your putting in a Detroit. Drivetrain Direct has good prices on this stuff and will match competitor's prices. I just bought front/rear gear set ($429) and two detroits for $448/ea. from them for my D44 swap. Cjjeepercreeper put in a Tera Low and seems to be pleased with it.

What's your final goal with the jeep??? Big dog trail jeep vs. moderate wheeling w/ street use; 33s vs. 35s; locked F/R vs. limited slip; etc... The reason I ask is I've spent alot of money to get immediate gratification, where if I had stuck to my final goal, I would have saved alot of cash (ex. body lift to 2 1/2 lift to 4 in lift; locked narrow track axles now to Detroited D44s). I guess thats the nature of this addiction, but you might think about things like whether you may run 35s and if so will you do that with your stock axles and so on...
I'm not saying the Tera low is a bad move, in fact, it may be the best move if you may want Dana44s or something down the road.
Just my $.02.

P.S. Nice buck on your profile...where did you kill it? I'm in the hill country often (wife's family is in Mason along with a half a dozen jeepers I run with).

I have to agree with Shain, if you have 2.73 gears you will have to do something about them first. The reason I went with the TeraLow is that it actually gives me a better crawl ratio than 4.56s would have, and I can live with the 3.31s on the street with 33s.

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