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As I was looking through the 50 rigs for the next TTC, saw quite a few Fords and Ford engines in the Jeeps. Muddy will be glad to know that 3 or 4 of the first 10 rigs had the Michelins he's drooling over. There is a lot of other bada$$ rigs in there as well and a lot of airbag equipped rigs. Hope this TTC is better than last year. Just wondering which rigs you guys (and gals) think will make it to the challenge. I think Zach needs to enter his Bronco or sami in next yrs TTC, but that's my opinion. I will quit rambling for now...

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I think Zach needs to FINISH his damned bronco before he enters it in anything

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ya, whatever!

its at the bottom of the priority list,
it goes.
keeping 97 f250 running
keeping 90 f250 running
keeping the zuk going
4 wheeling
selling stuff
fixing friends rigs
THEN the bronco.
i like it sitting, now insurance on it is only $63 a year!!!!

see, its a vicious cycle
i get my f250 going after work and school, and i get it so i am ready fro a weekend, i then get the zuk ready, and its firday by then, so i can load up my trailer an dgo wheeling, but then after the weekend i am back to the top of the list of fixing the trailer, the f250, and fixing the zuk from the previous weekend...

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I didn't realize you were keeping the other 250.

I didn't realize there were so many Canadians in the TTC, is that ignorant on my part or what?! Seems almost half of the contestants were from Canada.
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