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New England MEET AND GREET???

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how bout it when is the next one I'm in Cape cod now and my g/f won't go to hooters with me ...I need wings!... lets get this rollin!
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Gotta love that 80% state retirement.:)
Wild thought.

I'm private sector, which means, whatever you've saved is your retirement. :(
Retirement????? IF I live that long it will be a miracle. According to the latest Web Health thing I did for insurance said I will probably have a stroke in the next 5-10 years so that is something to look forward to. :thumbsup:Jim
Well I gotta stay at the U for another 12 years to max out the retirement. that will put me at 57. Dad lasted till 69. I will try to beat that number hopefully. :eek:oo: I can only hope for an early retirement Buyout. then sell the house and run.
then sell the house and run.
All the way to the canyonlands of Utah?;)
New mexico or northern Texas (wifes brother lives there.)
Get away from the snow in winter and humidity in summer.
Wow didn't even know you had moved. Hope all is well with you guys. Next time we head through SC we will have to meet up. Heading to OBX in a couple weeks. Are you near there? Jim
Hey all, Yeah, it was an abrupt departure to say the least. I came down 6 weeks before the family, that was rough. Got a great job offer and couldn't pass it up. Hell, any chance to get out of Assachussetts is a good offer:grin: We are about 2-3 ish hours from OBX, about 45 mins to an hour south of Charlotte. I'm really liking it here, VERY nice change for the better. Not so many rocks, though. I have to get out to Uwharrie soon!!
What happened to us? :p
I don't know man. I Miss the zukes thats for sure, and the people. My health still sucks. (back(Blew another disc 2 years ago )and right knee is looking to go in for op #3) sold the Willys this fall as I was having problems getting in and out of it and we just never drove it.
Life happened. I know Berni talks with Sue often on FB so we hear how you are Glenn. Randy I haven't heard from you in a while. I still hang at Zuwharrie and also at seeing we now have a ZJ. I plan to do a body off resto on the Sammi in the spring. I tossed around the idea of a new tube but like the TT. My kids are grown Dani is a Vet Tech and engaged to be married in Sept. Jimbo is a Civil Engineer working for local city Planning and Zoning. I work at Defibtech | Lifesaving Technology Within Reach. After my company moved out last Feb, I took the entire summer of and then took this assembly job. Low pay but zero responsibilities. Berni is still working for our hometown as the Nursing Supervisor for the Health Dept.

Sorry to hear of the problems Glenn. We never thought when we were doing the crazy stuff as 20 year olds it would cause us so much pain. Jim
Ah heck a good day is one where I can still walk LOL . I limp but I can walk.

Yea it's crazy Alan is 28 6'4" Jim if you want help on the sami just give me a yell. I can still work on them lol. Life is good :) I actually put a wood stove in my shop this year so I can machine in warmth. (have a bigger Milling machine and still have the logan lathe) been doing lots of fun little projects.

Crazy to think all the kids have gotten so Big/ grown up. And sami's go for a pretty penny now too. (I do look in CL sometimes and reality kicks in lol )
101 - 110 of 110 Posts
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