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Looking for where everyone has gone to? Well, I, hand wringing, cry baby psychopath. And...they closed the old board without warning anyone and everyone moved to Vince Brunasso's board... I see they "censored" his URL from a previous post so I won't bother putting it down for everyone since it will
get censored again.... You can get the URL from Hoser's webpage @ www.[censored]/~hoser or do a search on Pilots and Glamis...
Hope to see you all there and keep Piloting alive on the web.....
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Re: New Board-Lies

Hey,if you looked hard enough you would of found Vinces web address on the old board. He has never posted it on this board. You guys are like a bunch of crying babies. Want to use the other board? Go ahead,this board will continue if you are here or not. Mike
Re: New Board-Truths

Mike, I know you mean well but to go after the people who enjoyed your page for so long is ludicrous... If you had looked at the REPLY
to the person requesting where everyone has gone, you would have seen this:
Subject Re: Hello? Where is everyone?
Posted by Vince Brunasso
Posted on Thu Sep 23 22:57:46 1999
From IP

Now, that spells censorship to me and if it were on your old message board, you might have seen it.....Personally I happen to like the
new message board but with everyone of interest over at the Glamis board, I have no choice since no one is coming here....
Selfish Individuals

Of course we censor your action to move subscribers from our system. ORC is a business first. We have bills to pay. We do not do this as a hobby like most others. With the aspect of business comes our history of continued publication and a suite of free offerings for off-road enthusiasts unrivaled in the online sports related Internet services wether it be hobby or commercial site.

Of course, in your mind, this all pales to your simpleton, selfish desire to object to necessary changes on our service offerings.

Note that I say "your". As the maority of flack we have received about this change has come from a single, former BBS user.

To date, over 1600 former users of the old BBS have followed the proper sign-up process and have accepted the change of the new BBS. Positive references in my email box and those made via the public forums on the new BBS outnumber the negative casts by over 50 to 1. I hope, that the selfish individuals that wish to turn back this widely accepted change take notice and ponder the validity of their self centered and ludicrous actions. Only extreme arrogance based on blind ignorance would allow them to progress further in their contemptible actions.

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1) I like this new format. Sorry you don't. I think you're missing out.
2) I frequented the old BBS and I saw many posts about changes. As a I remember, it was on every single page prompting me to sign-up here. How did you miss this?
3) Last time the off-road folks changed BBS's the whining cry babies put up a fuss for a short while then disapeared or came back quietly to use the new BBS. I figure the same will happen here.
4) I saw some of the insults slung at the people earlier by the same cry babies. You guys are really scumbags, you know! Name another website that has done as much as to help the off-road community on the net. You can't.. None are close.
5) And Jeez! If you wanna promote your new website do it on the net the normal way via the search engines and such like everyone else. By trying to post your stuff on this site you simply loose credibility.

Re: Selfish Individuals

Allow me to set the record straight. I know Vince Brunasso very well. It was never his intention to cheat in any way or to divide the Pilot/Odyssey community; only to keep them from falling apart due to the new boards requirements. Frankly, all the flack this has caused upsets him. He is not in it for the money and you will not see any ads on his page. In fact, he has turned down paid advertising. You will see links or ads that he does as a free service to the off road community. And yes, he also has bills to pay.

He is also too much of a gentleman to argue with types that use phases like "to your simpleton, selfish desire". It takes REAL arrogance and a lack of breeding to use those kinds of words. That is why you have not seen any posts from him other than his URL to the board he set up - a board that he did not want to set up by the way. A URL that goes directly to his board and not a home page loaded with advertising.

Only after many posts and many "votes" did he reluctantly set up the new board. Read them in order on the old board at Off-Road and you will see that to be true. Something like a BBS takes time and effort to implement not to mention the time it takes to monitor and maintain it.

And what was his reward for his generosity? Off-Road .com throws him and his web site off accusing him and his partner of using Off-Road to launch their web site - no discussion, no dialog, only the boot.

Mr. Chicas needs to be reminded that Off-Road pursued them and asked them to put their site at Off-Road. Glamis On Line existed long before the staff at Off-Road approached them. No agreement was ever made that Off-Road would have exclusive right to their web content. No agreement was ever made that Off-Road could control the content of any other site owned by Vince and Keith. Vince and his partner Keith never did one thing in violation of the agreement they had with Yet, somehow, they are being made out to be the bad guys for providing a free service.

What a great business Off-Road has: get everybody else to create web sites and keep all the advertising revenue for himself. The only thing the web builders get in return is free web space - 5mb to be exact. That's worth at most $5 a month - you get 10mb free at AOL.

I can see your point, Mr. Chicas. But you need to see theirs too. If you are even half the man you seem to think you are, you won't censor or delete this post. You will be able to handle the truth. But, just in case, I'll put this up over at Brunasso's board as well.
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Sage This!

Hey Mr. Sage,

I know the people at personally. They have years upon years and thousands of dollars invested in this endeavor. They have been burned in the past by jerks that open handedly take offers to work together then build their own site and run. Perhaps your pals got caught in this mess but, I feel probably did the best thing ever for your friends by placing them on their front page for a month. And what did get out of it? I'll tell ya what! Nothing but flack from you cry babies.

So here's the score.

Your pals = Lotsa hits directed from for a month to their new website. Probably more than they have seen in thier existance at the old site. = lotsa crap from a bunch of cry babies.

Sounds pretty lopsided!

Like the admin says, it's damn selfish for you jerks to hang around here and stir up more trouble.

Now, will you go away?


Arnold who likes and the new BBS!
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ORC\'s Response


My turn..

The deal on the inclusion off GOL on ORC's high traffic front page and the resultion desoulsionment was handled between me and Mr. Brunasso. It's a done deal. Unless you are he, you're talking out of place and step.

Our problem is with a certain individual traced via IP address that continues to frequent this newsgroup with posts of utter bull****. The censorship has been made on his handles and his posts. Examples are:

-ORC didn't warn on the BBS change. FALSE

We embeded text and links in the code of the old system asking everyone to register for the new system 5-7 days before we stopped posts on the old system. We preserved posts on the old system for reference.

-That I posted messages to the other BBS. FALSE

I don't have time for this.

-We removed GOL off ORC without notice. FALSE

We restricted access as soon as we found the mirror site with links on our site directing people to it. We immediately emailed the GOL people with complaint and notice. We also offered to email all their content intact to them to use on their new site.

-ORC wanted exclusive rights to GOL content. - FALSE

ORC asked that GOL become a part of ORC with all content hosted on ORC and the integration of ORC banners and themes as possible. That's the extent of it.

- ORC keeps all the profits for themselves. - FALSE

ORC pays for content continuously. Over 30% of gross profits are paid to content providers monthly. Also, content providers can leverage ORC's credibility in obtaining editorial advertising opportunities in the way of vendor components and services.

You may also consider that "FREE" must stop somewhere. ORC's free services such as web page hosting and and advanced email and domain name hosting services all cost money. We partly support those services by selling ad space on the free pages.

- ORC should not censor GOL's or GOL supporters posts. - FALSE

If GOL is posting messages to move traffic away from ORC, then GOL is subject to censorship or removal from ORC servers. Consider the example where you are a proprietor selling widgets. You have invested greately in your endeavor. Would you allow your competitor to post a sign in your store telling your customers to go to his store? I think not!

At the end of the day, I hope the GOL folks do well. However! I sincerely hope they make progress in a credible fashion by promoting their site via the Internet methods made available such as Search Engines, Web Rings etc. By continuing to post messages on ORC directly or by condoning posts by their followers on ORC, they only portray themselves with a light of dishonesty.

Patrick J. Chicas

Rubicon Media Group, Inc. -
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