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Doug Walker Memorial
June 24-26
Off-Road Experience

NEVADA TROPHY is a GPS Navigational Rally Raid Adventure!
Are you up for an Adventure?
The June date will give you maximum daylight! A first for NVTR.
Then NVTR is the event you can’t miss in 2011.
A little bit Camel Trophy… A little bit Geocaching…
A little bit Warn Challenge… NVTR is Fun, Sun, Snow, Mud & Adventure!

It began in 1996 in Nevada’s high desert!
And continues in 2011 this June in North-Western Nevada.

With your navigational skills, a GPS, a compass and Nevada Atlas you’ll be chasing waypoints across Northern Nevada. Registration & Tech Inspection open Thursday evening. Friday start time is scheduled for 8:00am, then it’s two days of adventure, waypoints, and maybe a Special Task!

Scoring is done via Points earned & lost. Every two vehicles make up one team. Entries are limited to 15 teams. NVTR is open only to 4WD vehicles. See our site for more.

Don’t sit home and dream... Experience NEVADA TROPHY for yourself!

For Entry & Rule Information, contact “ORE” at 925-606-8301 or Fax 925-606-8302
Pre-Entry $325.00. Post-Entries $400.00 after 6/20/11.
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