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Needed 1978 CJ7 Frame HELP

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My resto. isn't going well. Need frame in good condition. Any idea of where I can buy one. and how much.
Also what years are the same.

Thank you.

Chad M.

1998 Jeep TJ
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I can't remember off the top of my head, but I believe '76 or '77 and up are the same. Have you looked into a YJ frame swap? A lot of people do the YJ tub swaps on the CJ frames, I would think that the YJ frame wouldn't too difficult to make work. The YJ frame is stronger than the CJ frames and you can get a newer one fairly easily.

There is a wrecker here in British Columbia that specializes in Jeeps if your anywhere near our border. You could get a frame pretty cheap with the exchange rate! I'll get the contact info if you need it.

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tell you what i have a good frame it is from a 79 i will trade it there is only one bad spot on it it is near the rear but is easy to fix i think around the rear cross memeber... let me know i can get you some more info

If you can weld why not make one? I used my rusted frame as a template and built a new frame. It cost less than 100 bucks
and I built the frame in a weekend by myself. I did use the front steering crossmember and the transmission crossmember from the rusted frame.


I have a 1978 CJ-7 frame in great condition. It is a "rolling chassis" complete with wheels, axels, suspension, etc. I received it as part of a "package" deal when I purchased my 1984 CJ-7. The frame has been sanded and painted black. I'm in Massachusetts. I'm not sure if you're "local" to me but if so maybe it is just what you require. I'm not sure what to ask for it but I'm sure it's worth @ $350.00. Lemme know.

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I have a 79' frame too. Its in good condition, could use a good sandblasting though. I'm willing to sell at a good price or possible trade. Email if you're interested. Oh yeah it was orginaly equipped w/ the 304/400/quad. So I have tons of parts left over from a 79 and a 84. Just about anypart you need I most likely have.....

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