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Need upper hard half door for YJ

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Anyone have a upper half hard piece door for YJ? I have the steel half doors, just bought a hard top. I need the upper hard half part of the door. Also need a replacement rear glass for my hardtop. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


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I got upper hard doors from either quadratec or 4wd hardware, don't remember which. Usually a company that makes the aftermarket tops makes the upper hard doors too that go with their tops. Just make sure that the aftermarket hard top would work with factory steel full doors, then their uppers would work with a factory top.

Ive got upper hard half doors I need to sell.They have sliding glass that locks closed. Still in original boxes with extra door pin things that I ordered special They were $300. apeice when I bought them a year ago. I switched to full metal doors. Make an offer.

What about $150. What brand are they? Why did you switch to full metal doors? Are the half doors not any good? Leak, Wind noise??? Are they black?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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