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need truck help???

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hey, every one im new to the board. im 17 live in alaska
and own a 93 chevy k1500 4.3l v6, i was wondering what i could do to make it more trail worthie, i dont want to be like most of the kids at mt school who lift just to look
"cool" if i could get help it would be greatly appreciated.
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Now you need to define trail worthy, and what type of money you are looking to spend. If money is an issue, i'd say get a bushwacker cutout flare set and run 35's, but you would HAVE to swap gears too because the 4.3 won't like spinning 35's with the wrong gears. A guy on here had a 2wd running 35's with the 4.3, just dont' remember who ended up with the truck, and what gears he put in it. Hell reply soon enough.

If you have a bit more money to spend, a suspension lift is in your future.
Not only does it help your truck look better, it allows bigger tires to fit, which will improve your ground clearance. I'd go with a 4" rancho, do a little trimming, and run 35's. The smaller lift (4" vs 6") keeps your center of gravity lower. Plus, the rancho 4" is more like a 5.5, so it allows you to run your T-bars at factory settings.

Anyways, we've got a wealth of info here, if you can define your goals a little more clearly we'd love to give you more details/suggestions!
Ok, so if you don't want/have money for a suspension lift, i'd get the cutout flares, run 35's, regear to 4.10's, and lock up the rear end. The rear end in that truck isn't that strong, and often breaks when locked up, but i don't think you will have problems breaking stuff with that motor.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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