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need truck help???

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hey, every one im new to the board. im 17 live in alaska
and own a 93 chevy k1500 4.3l v6, i was wondering what i could do to make it more trail worthie, i dont want to be like most of the kids at mt school who lift just to look
"cool" if i could get help it would be greatly appreciated.
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Good ball joints. If there is one thing I've messed up wheeling too hard it's ball joints (Go Moog, lifetime warranty). Also a steering stabilizer helps quite a bit too. When you land in a rut, that wheel is going to jerk hard if you don't have one. Off-Road lights if you're night riding, and of course grippy tires. What you do with it will depend on the type of tires/wheels.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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