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Need to Replace Headers...any suggestions?

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I need to replace the headers on my 304. I just want to replace the stock headers, I don't need any performance headers
or anything. I would like to be able to just take the old ones off and bolt the new ones on. Can anyone recommend a
brand that truely replaces the factory headers without drilling new/bigger holes? I want to do this as easily and painlessly
as possible.
Thanks for the help!

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If you have what came from the factory, then it's referred to as exhaust manifold/s. If you're like 90 % of individuals, you rarely see above 3500 rpm which is the starting point of where headers become beneficial. The stock manifolds are fine for engine speeds below 4000 rpm. Look at wrecking yards for a used set. If you can't find a Jeep to pull from, then look for AMC autos w/V-8's as they should be the same. If no luck, try calling Specialty Parts in CA at 800-504-5337.

Thank you!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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