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need spindles off

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how in the hell do you get the spindles of a front axle i beat it kicked it and cursed it and still did not get it to come off need help again....

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Yep, sounds like you're doing it right if you are having this much fun. Spray all around the joint with Liquid Wrench or equivalent and let sit for awhile to soak in and eat away some rust. Then, place a block of wood on the spindle (so as not to damage anything) and pound on all sides of the spindle with a big hammer. Might take some time, but should eventually start to separate. In most cases, the spindles were pressed on at the factory, so taking them off is just that much more enjoyable! You can also try using heat which sometimes helps.

1976 CJ-7
258ci, T18, Dana 20
6" Lift, Dana 44 Front & Rear
You need 3 things to remove a spindle: a cold chisel, a screw driver, and a BF hammer. Leave one or both nuts on the spindle and
alternate hitting the nuts and hitting the cold chisel between the spindle and knuckle. It works best to hit the nut on the one side and
the chisel on the other. Once you have a little gap, slide in the scew driver and keep going back and forth

Terry L. Howe
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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