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I was able to part out a J10 pickup that had a D44 front and an AMC 20 Wide Single rear that were is great shape. The truck was parted due to body cancer, I kept the axles and a buddy now has the AMC 360 in his Scambler. Well, its been some time now and I still have the axles.

My build is a Dodge Dakota, would the AMC 20 under the rear be a totally bad idea? The truck is a v6 extended cab, the usage would be a daily driver and half off road, light. I know of the weak tubes, some welding and gussets could fix that problem, what else? Gearing would be between 4.10 and 4.56 with Open front, and some type of locker in the 20.

If you have knowledge off another project like this, what problems arose?
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