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Need some help with 258

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Was hoping someone could help me out on this. I have an 80 cj-5 with 40k original miles. The Jeep has been sitting for the last 10 years with 2 or 3 starts a year. (it was a farm jeep). Well the first day I got it, it was running ok, but not great. I pulled the plug wires and saw that a couple of the cylinders were not working. I removed the valve cover and sure enough I had 5 pushrods not moving. I went and bought some of that Marvel Mystery Oil and ended up getting the lifters free. Well now that they are free they are not turning. I have let the Jeep run for several hours each day hoping they would start to do their thing, but they are not. Also the Jeep is blowing smoke through the exhaust like it is burning oil when I throttle it. So I pretty much figure im gonna have to do a lower half rebuild on it for sure. But what would make the push rods not go round like they are supposed to. Also, if I do a rebuild with the Jeep only having that many miles, do I really need to have it machined if all looks good?? I hope someone can give me a few answers to what is going on in there. You guys take it easy,

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An old trick I heard of was to use kerosene. Maybe get the engine warmed up, take the rocker cover off, pour the kerosene on the rocker arms, remove the rocker arms, pour the kero. down the push rod(inside and outside), use a piece of wood to work the push rod up and down. Change the oil. Let it run , change oil again and good to go. I would think it would be worth it to repeat the process a couple of times if you didn't see improvement first time. As far as the smoke while running, sounds like maybe a stuck piston ring or three. Remove the plugs, pour kero. into cylinders, do not install plugs, crank engine(it will be a little messy-use rags at plug holes). Change oil twice. A good machine shop should be able to just point out the areas that need attention. Keep in mind that this is an odd ball case in the fact that any other engine with 80k miles would still be running, not needing a rebuild yet. There will be some areas that might need work that ordinarily wouldn't. I would get a 5gal. can of kero.(cheep), and work the dog snot outta it. Let it drain into pan and give it a couple of oil changes. This is a little more than $.02 huh? hehehe. Good Luck. BTW Marvel mystery oil is good sxxx.

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