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Hello everyone. I am a pretty experienced car guy but am pretty new to the off-road world so I would like to ask for some advice and what your expectations would be in this situation.

I have a pretty new truck. I purchased the following items and had a pretty reputable local off-road shop do all of the install:
  • 6 inch lift kit
  • 35 in tires
  • 20 in wheels
  • front bumper with winch
Made sure to order and have everything done in accordance with each company's recommendations. For instance, the wheel/tire combo is the exact size recommended by BDS (my lift kit).

In total, I have paid this shop about $8,000 for this work. The work was done very nicely as well. But, the front tires still rub on the fenders. They did do some trimming with the fender well but no trimming of anything metal. The bottom tips of the fenders need a bit of sheet metal trim work to clear the tires. I feel like the trim work would have been included in the install of the wheels and lift kit. They are now advising me that the trim work will be an additional cost.

My question is would you expect the trim work to be included in the cost of installing the front bumper, lift kit, and tire/wheel package?

Thanks in advance.
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