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The sandrail board seems a little slow, so I'll ash this one here, too.

Does anybody know whare I can get plans for a sandrail trailer? I have a Berrien 2 seater and would like trailer for it. I've seen them before and know they are quite simple, but would like some details on how to make one.

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I have two different trailers for my sand rail the first one is a t bar trailer which is an axle with two tubs welded on to set the rear tires into with a tube running up the center with a coupler welded on. On the bottom of my front axle is a "u" strap welded on with a coresponding strap on the toung to hold the front end from moving. at the back are wheel straps to hold the tires to the tubs. my second trailer is set up to haul my ATC'S as well as my buggy and it is a flat bed trailer with duel axles and removable side rails to fit all three toys on both were built in my garage and have done a good job of hauling my toys all over. Hope this helps

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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