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Need info or links for \'72 Travelall specs

I found a '72 IH Travelall, with Open Knuckle and flat top D44 and a D60 rear. They are 5 lug, so i'm thinking it's probably a D60-2. Anyone know the spline count on that? I'm thinking 29 spline.... If so, I figured I'd weld the rear and run it for now until I could get around to Spooling it with some higher spline axles.

As for the front, I have to say I was shocked to see that it was open knuckle. Actually climbed under it 2-3 times to make sure The only issue is that it's Drum brake, and i don't know if an IH drumm 44 has anything funky aaspect that would make it a PITA to swap it over to Disc brakes. Anyone know, or have a link to this info.

Any info appreciated
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