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Need Help!!!!!

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I'm new to wheelin' unless you count beatin around the farm on the tractor. I've got a 01 Ram 1500 with the 5.2L reg. cab 4x and auto. I need to know what's the biggest tire I can fit on the stock rims and suspension. and how can I squeeze more power out of my 5.2. Its already got a k+n filter and dual exhuast. ( stock manifolds, high flow cats, and dual flowmasters all 3in pipe) I wanna use this truck as my daily driver so I need to stay kinda cheap and reliable. any help would be a great help thanks
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A 33" tall tire fits but you will need a skinny tire for your stock rims 33/10.50 or 295/75, 305/75? I think your rim is 6-6.5" wide. Headers will give you a little more power and a computer chip/ power module...
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