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? need help

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I bought a CJ-7 from a person I worked with I can no longer find It is a composit of 3 Cjs 1980,1985,1986 it has an sr4 tranny in it now it locked in 4th gear .I got a spare tranny & transfer it comes from one of the three listed
the Power trane in CJ is 1980 258 the tranny in jeep has 10 splines The spare is suposed to be a t5 but does not have large cover opening like pictures I have seen.It is a borg warner tranny I listed serial # in preivous post can any body tell me how to ID this tranny.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts body seems to have an answer for you. I find this hard to believe. I wish that I could help you but I haven't a clue. Why don't you post it as WHAT TRANS DO I HAVE? and describe it.

Good luck!

Ken, the casting numbers 13-52 indicate it is a T5 five speed. Not sure what the rest of the numbers indicate. Hope this is some help.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
I thought Terry answered your fist post on this, You have a T5 most likely from a 4 cylinder Jeep if it does not have the 10 spline input shaft.


order the advance adapter catalog. It has picture and describing of every transmission and tranfer case made. Its only $10

brownbagg </font color=red>
i looked in some of my reference material, if your spare came in a CJ and has 5 gears it is a T-5 made by borg-warner, i'm guessing your asking because your going to swap it for that stuck SR-4. i have done this same swap and the only difference in the tranny's are the length, i think the T-5 is 1/4" longer, i just put it in, same driveshafts, no modifications needed.

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