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I have a 78 304 in my CJ7. I have a 84 T5 trans. I need a 3 finger clutch and nobody can help.

Is there 3 finger clutch out there? Do I just ask for a clutch for the motor or both the motor and the trans? The reason I ask is cause they are giving me a hard time cause I can't tell them what jeep I have..Lol.

Can I just say a 75 CJ5 with a V8? I know my buddy has the same motor. Is it the same?


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my 77 CJ5 with a T150 3 speed, had a 3 figer clutch, I guess you could just ask for that assumin gyour spline count and diameter are the same?

why does it have to be a 3 finger clutch?

77 CJ5, in a bunch of sanded and primered pieces
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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