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I just got this 1997 670, runs mint, fastest sled I owned so far. Handles great! I need 2 front skis, and the seat fell off on a jump, saw wood was rotted underneith, and then the recoil cover came loose and fell off near the end of the day. Is there anywhere I can get cheap parts for this, what year range will skis and seat and etc..... fit off of? Live in conklin 2 min from Binghamton, and we dont have any snow, but want to get it ready for the next storm, any help would greatly be appreciated. By all means, If you want a nice cheap fast sled to start off, the MXZ 670 is freakin great! I love this sled. Hoping to go to Tug Hill if I can get parts. Also, what can I do to this to make it faster, any suggestions????????


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