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need help, need ideas

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I need a little help... I found a wrecked '93Wrangler Renegade in the paper for $3900.It needs a Motor, Tranny, and X-fer case, and the options are driving me crazy. I could use the Factory setup, and that would seem sorta expensive and not be too much of a performance/durability increase. I could use a Chevy 350, TH-400, and whichever x-fer that GM has that is gear driven (I have a TH-400 already).
I could use a Ford set-up 351W(I have one that needs rebuilt), C-6(a friend has one I could buy) or a manual (np435 or NV4500),and a Ford X-fer.
I have a '76cj, the 351 is planned for it, but the body is shot. I could however donate its T-176 3speed and X-fer to the 93.and save some dough.
What would the simplest way to go? What would you guys do? What's the best Ford transfer case, and will it bolt to the np435 or nv4500? If I buy the '93 I would like to have it running as quickly as possible, which powertrain would give me the fewest headaches? About how much would these options cost? (ballpark)

thanks for your help

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$3900 for a wrecked Wrangler with no engine or tranny?.....A wrangler with a perfect body and no engine might be worth $3900.... I paid $3700 for my 84 and other than a few minor wear & tear problems, it was in perfect shape. You can do better.

If you havn't bought it your money and get one with more of the stuff you want.

Good Luck...........John 84CJ7

It's wrecked AND has no drivetrain? That's pretty steep. The stock axles aren't up to the power of any drivetrain you mentioned other than the stock one. You're D20's front output is on the wrong side for a Wrangler. I think you need to cool your jets and go look at the thing and honestly assess it.

Thanks guys, I was just thinkin' it over and needed some opinions.

You could use a T-case for a Ford (like a Bronco 20) to match up to a drivers' side pumpkin. But, I'd have to agree that the price sounds WAY steep if it is indeed wrecked & minus running gear.


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