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test :
at a stop put the jeep in its highest (non-overdrive) gear and let off the clutch....if it dies right away...the clutch is OK.....if it hesitates then dies the clutch is crap.... clutches cost 500-700 dollars to have professionally replaced....

Honestly Rice-Boy.....i think from the sound of your posts you are but a young budding such you should SERIOUSLY consider getting a jeep that may be more reliable ...such as a YJ..... when you buy and older car you may be buying someones problem.... when i bought my CJ back in High school...i was all gung-ho and would have bought the first jeep i found if i had the money....and i pretty much did...i have an 1985 CJ7 that the previous owner didnt take care of.....had blown u-joints when i bought i could play with it right even had the original Factory brake pads at 100k miles!!!!!

for what i spent on that jeep so far i could have bought a nice used YJ and had a heck of a lot less problems.....and since your a teenager still, i imagine you dont have tons of money to throw around right now....

god...i feel like a parent

Jeep'n Greg
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