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Need help.. Auto trans question

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Have an opportunity to buy a '91 Explorer. Problem is that the trans may be shot. No forward or reverse. I think it may be a convertor or a pump. What is the easiest way to check the torque convertor??? Is this a common problem?? If it is, what was the end result for the failure??

Any help with this one would be appreciated. I think I can get this thing for a steal...
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Found the problem. Pulled the trans and found the shaft from the overdrive had sheared off. Replaced new and improved Ford replacement shaft, ony to find out the pump was the original problem. Seems the pump seized, causing undue stress on the weak link of the tranny (overdrive shaft).
Yep, I am going to give it a quick fix and send it to my sister. Picked it up for chump change, and she needs a new rig.

Gotta love people who would rather dump a good vehicle than actually do some work themselves....
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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