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Hey guys & Gals,

Need a big favor for somebody, or somebody you may know. I've got a friend that has a 49 CJ-3a with a Frozen bearing. He has been working vigorously to get it completed by Memorial Day weekend. Basically. I/he needs to find a new axle/hub OR a complete D44/d41 that will fit that year willies. The only other option would be to find a Flange that will fit a 65 FJ-40 Land cruiser rear end. OR... (yes there is more LOL) Or if I could find another rear end that has a Passenger side off set (for a reasonable price ;o) SO If anybody has any ideas or options WE would be Very appreciative :D:D

what we did try.... Gear pullers (custom taped 1/2" plate, that broke my 2 1/2ton bottle jack), Lock-tight super penetrate, Heating and Beating it with a BFHammer. We also backed the brake adjuster all the way out. Basically the bearing is frozen to both the axle and the housing. If any body has any ideas or "spare parts" lying around let me know. We can retrieve or meet, your convenience ;o) Just so you guy's know I'm In Eugene OREGON

Brian (aka GrimWheeler) Proud new owner of a FJ45 (Project) pickup <-- check this sight for Local/Eugene area wheeling trips.

you can reach me @ [email protected] Or Big Mike @ [email protected]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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