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Need advice on YJ purchase...!

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Out on the hunt tomorrow looking at two more jeeps, one of which may become my new daily driver / weekend trail rider truck. A few questions first...

One of the jeeps is described as...
1991 JEEP WRANGLER, 4.0L, straight 6, auto, air conditioning, heat, grey interior, 97000 miles.

I had planned on getting a manual, but never really gave an auto much thought. Any opinions on pros and/or cons to having the auto tran?

Also, this jeep has the stock full face five spoke wheels (you know the ones just above the absolute basic.) They don't look bad, but I have no idea of the max size tire it can hold; 31in, 32in... anyone else know?

The second jeep is described as...
1990 JEEP WRANGLER Sahara, 91k miles, metallic, CD w/rmt, new top, new exhaust/clutch, rebuilt driveshaft, 33x12.5 tires, racing rims, frt steel cage bumper & more

With this one I am wondering where the 2-3 inch lift will cause extra stress.

And finally, any idea how hard it is to get an affordble YJ hard top and full doors?

Thanks for your help!!! I appreciate it!


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Go back to page 7 or 8 and check out Buying a 90 Wrangler. If given the choice I would buy the 91 with the 4.0L (fuel injection). I have a 83 CJ7 with an auto and love it both on and off road. The 90 will more than likely have the 4.2L with a piece of junk Carter on it. Not sure about the size of the wheels but I am running 31X10.50's on my stock 15X8's with no problems.

G questiones asked, if they are both in similar conditon, get the 4.0....much better engine. You can always upgrade later...better wheels.......pretty stuff like that, but there is no substitute for a great drivetrain....especially engine wise.

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If you look at the articles about the rigs at the recent rock crawling contests I think you will find that most of the big guys run automatics. I have a 5 speed but the auto can be easier on the axles and a bit less work in the rocks. The guys are right about the 4.0 fuel injected. Get it!

Good luck,
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Go with the 91....Can't go wrong with the 4.0L engine.

yes .. go with the fuel injection.. and if the rims are 15x8's.. you can run up to like a 33x12.5 tire on them.. even 35x12.5.. will fit.. you dont want to go much over 4" difference with the width.. hard top and doors.. you can find. . but you will pay for it. they are not cheap.. probably get a decent set for 1000.. used .. you want to get them all together if you can.. will be cheaper..

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