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Hey guys, I'm lookin to do a 2" lift on my truck and need some advice as to what to go with. I think I just want to do a body lift since it is less expensive. My truck is a 1997 F-150 standard cab, long bed. It has the base 4.2 liter V6.

It's not the ideal truck for offroading, but I want to go for the pre-runner aspect. Any advice is welcomed since I new at this stuff.


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Does your truck have torsion bars on the front end? and me personality i wouldn't go with a body lift their a pain and junk, I have an 02 F150 crew cab and now I'm putting 3 inch lifting blocks under the back leaf springs, and changing out my torsion keys in the front, but if you have coil springs in the front theirs a couple different ways to lift your front end, anything from spacers to new coil springs.
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