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i'm swapping a 4.3 chevy motor into my isuzu amigo soon and i'm trying to get info on the different trucks and options this motor came with. what trannys? what t-cases? when did they switch to CPI? When did they switch to OBD-II? also i may be pickin up a totalled S-series blazer and i was wondering what kind of interior options they came with in the mid 90s. power seats? are the seats comfy? thanks a lot guys.



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i have a 4.3L with a 700r4 and 231 t-case that i might be selling... this is an 85 block engine, came out of some chevy car, that was put in my 89... so it has a TBI on it. the best 4.3 to get is a vortech engine, this engine started around 95 i believe, someone will correct me... any chevy v8 tanny will bolt up to a 4.3L because it is the same as a 350 but missing 2 cyclinders... my truck is an extended cab with bucket seats, they are ok seats, but nothing great. my seats are manual seats, that was in a tahoe... ok im going to quit babling...


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Hello. The 4.3 came out in RWD cars(mid 80s) and light trucks with a 4V carb, then in 87 it recieved TBI fuel injection(160HP/230ftlbs). 92 was the first year of CPMI as an option, thus upping HP to 180. Then the Vortech engines in 96 upped HP to 195 and continue to this day. The last TBI enigne was installed in 1995. OBD II began in late 95 I believe.
For transmissions, the TH700R4 was the auto until 92 when the electronic 4L60E was offered. Manuals were the NV3500 5 speed just like the 4.3 powered 1/2
tons. Transfer cases were the NP231 with 2.72:1 low range which is a pretty beffy unit, and the push-button Selec-Trac (cant remember the name on it)
Tahoe and High Sierra trucks have the bucket seats w/console, and IMHO the 94 ups have the best seats, I prefer the split bench. Good Luck.
Nice to see another 4.3 powered vehicle!

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