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National Spring, one more time

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I know this comes up sorta frequent, but the replies seem to deviate to other spring companies. I just got an email from someone that spent nearly $2000 for a 3" lift for a '69 Waggie, (nobody makes kits for that old), had Natl. do the installation and was very unhappy with the install and quality control of the springs. What I'd like is replies that specifically relate to National Spring, good or bad. I've heard that they're supposed to be the Cadillac of springs. I need a 3" suspension lift for my '66 Jeepster Commando that won't jar my teeth out ala Rough Country and Rancho. Okay, I guess if there's another company to tought, have at it. I would like to hear as much as possible about Natl., too.

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The nice thing about National is that they will make your springs custom for your specific vehicle and needs. I was looking into having them make a set of springs for my FJ40 a while back(they didn't have a shelf spring for Cruisers then, or now for all I know), and they wanted me have my vehicle weighed on each corner, front and rear half, and right and left side, along with how I planned to use the vehicle, lift height, spring rate, etc.. They will pretty much build about anything you want, which also could mean that unless you have a pretty good idea what you DO want, you might get something you DON'T want. I have heard nothing but good about their springs, but have never heard anything at all about their installs or shop work or anything like that.

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