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My truck Pics! Finally!

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Ok.. Here is my 1995 Bronco XLT. I got it about 2 months ago from a guy that never even took it in the dirt. So far the list of things I have done are..

Two 8 inch lights on stock bumper.
Flowmaster cat back exaust
K&N filter kit
Airaid throttle body spacer
Cobra CB
Fire extinguisher and some other off road goodies.

Not too bad for only 2 months of work.
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Nice, CLEAN!

Now, get some dirt on that thang, and get us another pic!
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Re: CB questions

I just put the whip on last night and still have to zip tie it and rin the cable through the truck..
Where did you rin your cable? Any particularly good places?

There's a lot of information on that.
Shoot, I was going to give you links, but I just killed my clip-board.
Do a search for CB Antenna (use "And" for the search options), and select "all posts".
You'll get a gob of good stuff to read.
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