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Hi guy's here are a few pictures of one of the Mogs I own in Australia.

Its a 1980 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U1300L, 12 volt, air-over-hydraulic brakes. 395/85R20 Michelin XML tires.

On board air compressor can power air tools as well as inflate tires.
Roof vent port, side loading lights.

Front mounted vice provides platform for repairs if required.

OM-352A turbo-diesel; 75K miles on factory-new motor installed in 1999.

Air ride driver's seat, air conditioning, tinted windows.

8 speed manual transmission. Working gear set providing 16 forward, 16 reverse gears with ultra-low-speed possible. High speed differential gears.

Full locking differentials and sealed drive lines, portal axles.

2-275 litre after market fuel tanks for long drives in the outback.

Mercedes-Benz hydraulic system including pump, reservoir, plumbing and controls.

Heavy-duty hydraulic front winch: 40,000 pound capacity, 300 feet cable and hooks.

Warn electric rear winch and remote control: 25,000 pound capacity 250 feet cable and hooks.

Class 5 Rear trailer hitch receiver w/ 2” trailer ball, backup camera.

2 meter ham transceiver (appropriate license required for legal operation).

Erickson satellite telephone with a 4.5 watt output wired to a 20 amp box feeder.

Stereo and speakers, enhanced LED interior cab lighting for low-current operation.

Droppable, removable side boards and tail gate provide easy access to external cargo. Tailgate provides easy entrance/exit to camper with slide out supports.

External storage space provides room for 8-5 gallon fuel/water cans plus plenty of space for folding chairs, firewood, etc.


Alaskan Camper with durable fiberglass body on easily removable frame.

Hydraulically lifting roof provides stand-up room for persons of up to 6 feet. Top is lowered for travel providing low wind resistance, improved side-hill and reduced collisions with overhanging brush/trees.

Dinette seats 4 & converts into comfortable sleeping area with storage underneath.

3 burner propane stove, catalytic heater and stainless steel sink.

Marine-grade 120VAC/12V refrigerator/freezer operates 30 degrees off level

Seagull virus filter on 18 gallon water supply allowing ability to use potentially contaminated water supply. Will also filter shore water automatically if connected.

Cassette toilet.

Propane mounts with 2-10# removable tanks and auto-switching supply.

Marine-grade electrical components including Blue Sea Systems breaker and control panel. House electrical system can be isolated from truck and house batteries can be used to jump start truck with proper switch settings. Truck charges house batteries.

1 kW Xantrex inverter/charger provides 220/120 VAC from 180 AH battery array. Unit provides 1000 amp charging of battery array when connected to shore power or generator. Voltage, current and cumulative amp-hour usage display.

5 kW Honda EU5000 generator. 330 W solar panel with charge controller allows extended stationary operation w/o running motor or generator.

iPod compatible stereo with 6x9” speakers and satellite radio connection.

Removable LCD panel for video display for DVD player or laptop.

LED interior lighting for low current draw.

Removable rear cargo basket for stowage of large/dirty cargo (cooler, firewood, etc).

Roof rack with tool mounts. Folding stairs provide easy access to camper.

Big Dan


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