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My new user name

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Well, this new board's registration form ate my old handle "JohnF" and now I can't use it anymore. That's OK, sometimes "Johns" get tired of being another "John" any way. So from now on, you can just call me Jaffer - one of my older, chat room handles.



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::<: Hi John, Your photo looks just like you....that is..just like I expected. You should have had a speedo cluster in your lap for the photo op though. I have an extra one I can send...however it is in Kilometers per hour. I have another that is in Furlongs Per Fortnight if that is any help. Dave

Hey John, or should I say Jaffer, finally made it over ay.

Brad (from the 4 Wheeling center of the universe, 4 corners USA)
Thats OK............thats what I new you by the best anyway.
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Did you look at the date on the post you replied to ? 1999 . Some funky stuff going on , I`ve seen posts that were made 2 years ago floating around . Spooky
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Did you notice the tongue????
His name changed at the same time I registered here. Jaff is all I've ever known him by.........LOL. Hello Bueller.... haha This is happining to alot of threads. Must be a glitch.
GADS! How did this two and a half year old thread surface!!!
Check out the DATE!
So, all you "old timers", since I was posting under "JohnF" on the old, old, old version of this forum, now you know who one of the real grandpaws around here is ...
(do moon guys still work? .. we'll see ..)
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Seems like a few really old threads popped up when they did the upgrade.
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