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my invoice for 2000 Wrangler. Does this look good?

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2000 Wrangler Sport
4.0 5-speed-$17247 ( $446 Pack charge??)
Patriot Blue
25-D Package
A/C- $761
Dana 44 rear axle w/ 3.73 trac-lok-$242
Defroster /Deep tint glass$344
Full doors- STD
floor mats-$26
Agate cloth seats-$128
Sentry key-$64
Am/FM CD player-$106
Speed control-$213
30" tire/wheel group-$723
Dual tops-$1186
Destination charge = $535 ( $315 charge written with no words beside of it??)

Total=$22336 (MSRP=24660)
200 Over invoice
$22536.00 tax/tags/license

This is just how it is wrote on the paper I gave the salesman. They also listed the MSRP of every option also, but I figured it would be a waste of time to type it all out also. I'm going to check with some more dealerships today. I guess I'm just going to go ahead and put $7k down, and finance the rest through my bank when I get the best deal. Just wanted to see what everyone thought about these prices. Also did anyone out there opt for the 5 year extended warranty? If so how much did you end up getting it for? All dealerships say that is nego after the vechile is purchased. I plan to drive the vechile until it falls apart, so I want the best possbile warranty I can get for the price. Thanks


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Check your price with carpoint. Some places go 50 over invoice. Even though it's a invoice price it doesn't really mean that's
whay they pay for it.

Looks good to me. One comment - you almost certainly will want bigger tires - soon. So it might not make much sense to upgrade now - just go with the stock stuff, and you won't be throwing the $315 out the window. Also, if it's going to get more hard core as it gets older - you might want to pass on the posi as well, as it will be replaced by a locker someday - especially if you hang out on this board.

Nice choice on the color too!

I just bought a Dodge 4x4, and extending the warranty from 3/36 to 5/75 cost an extra $14 a month on a 5 year loan. I opted for this since it's a tow rig and will see hard use - those Dodge auto trannies don't have the greatest reputation...

One last thing - if you're ordering - buckle down for the wait. It will be longer than they say, and it's VERY frustrating, but getting exactly what you want is worth the wait.

Enjoy! - Chuck

Chuck Hadley
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You can get it here for a set price. Use it to bargain or buy from them. I had a friend use them without problems.
My boss is buying a Jeep and I've been checking the prices for him. Around here, (central Iowa), it looks like you can get them for dealer invoice. Prices look right, except I think the Destination Charge has gone up to $560. There is a $275 advertising charge, which might be the $315 charge on yours. I'm not sure what it's for, but apparently all dealers have it. If it was me I'd probably add the tow hooks for $51 and the fog lights for $102.


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How much better than that do you expect to get?
There is only about $2000.00 mark up on these things.
Buy the [email protected]#% Jeep and get on with your life.

You shouldn't have to pay any paperwork fees, the dealer has to do paperwork on everyvehicle he sells. Also don't pay advertisement fees. You did not ask them to advertise so you shouldn't have to pay for it. Now the money you save on these to items you can send to me.


I don't have to like what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it
If you are buying off the lot you have no choice. If you are ordering, you can get what you want.

If I were ordering:

1) would not get the lsd, cause I would put a real locker in.
2) would get the cheapest top. I have both hard top and factory soft top. Use neither.
3) would not get full doors. Only thing good about them is being able to roll the window down. Have full doors and they haven't been on my TJ in over a year. Just taking up room in my garage along with the hard top which hasn't been on in two years.
4) would get cheapest stock wheels and tires, because those too would be changed.
5) would not pay for factory fog lights. I have them, and they are not worth paying for, IMO.
6) would get factory tow hooks. They are better than aftermarket.
7) would not pay extra for center console. Spend the extra for a Tuffy after delivery.
8) A/C. I live in Houston. Really need a/c, right? I have it. I DON'T USE IT, because the TJ is virtually open to the wind most of the time. Hind sight? - Wouldn't have bought the a/c.
9) Factory radio? It's gone too. Have a $500 am/fm/sw/casset radio that I like much better.
10) Floor mats? Mine have about 500 miles on them. Took them out and put in Rhino Liner. Mats are also taking up room in my gargage.
Obviously some of these things are personal taste. When I bought the TJ was very happy with the full doors and hard top. After a few off road events, trying to do something with those heavy bulky things became more of a hassle than they were worth. - to me anyway. Currently have 2 piece BesTop soft doors, windjammer and the long bikini type top. Don't see changing them out. But must confess that on the highway the hard top and full doors make the vehicle a very nice, quiet machine, but, again - to me, the hassel isn't worth it. If I were driving back and forth to work, harder winters, family, long road trips etc, tops and doors might be more important.

Doug '97 TJ
Creator of the CBrack
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I'm looking as well and have found that either Chrysler is being less flexible, or the online systems arent setup to get a base level wrangler, with only a few key mods. Basicly, I want to get as little as possible that I'll replace so I'll have more money to do it right.

Has anyone found a good online configuration site that is flexible? seemed pretty good, but it wouldn't let me order the Dana 44 without the 30 inch tire and wheel package which I don't want.
Is it possible to get this in 2000? I have a friend who ordered the D44 and the small steel wheels so it was possible in 99 to do this.

Also, I want ARBs so can I get the D44 w/o the tracloc?

I've tried talking to the fleet mgr at my local dealer, but he couldn't even get his system to configure the "C" package that day.He blamed it on his computer.


- Dan

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