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This is my enduro racer. 1991 Mazda 323 front wheel drive.

Our rules all say cars must be stock. We are allowed a rollcage for saftey but it is not required.

I run a loop bar with two down spouts and a 5 point harness. Put an chevette steel bumper on the front becuase the factory bumper was fiberglass, other than that it is 100% stock

Typically run 50-100 lap races on oval tracks but I also run what they are calling "autocross" which is sort of like short course racing with jumps and such.

Before this car I had 94 Jetta, but it only lasted one race.

Here is my first race in it. I ended up in 3rd. did a 360 spin on the first lap.
Midway Speedway Enduro Race 9-14-13 - YouTube
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