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my cj is all over the road

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ok i have a 79 cj7 with a pro-crap 4 inch and 33x12/50 MFG MT's. When i drive it seems that the steering is not only loose but i just go everywhere. Why is this and how can i fix it. Is this called bump steer or is that something else. Any help would be nice


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the most common problem it that the steering box is loose on the frame, or the frame is crackes at the box.. then check the coupling joining the box to the steering shaft..the boot tears and sand gets in it...

it's sort of still a cj thingy....
You may want to get a steering stableizer. I found that a steering stableizer and a new steering shaft with vibration dampner helped mine a lot.

Tim Springer
1980 CJ7
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Do you have a dropped pitman arm?
Got to keep that geometry right.

Do yo have a shackle extensoin? Try to get your shackles as close to gether as possible, check your stearing gear box and I think there is a write up in the tech section on tightening your gear box up to reduce "play" Its not that hard-requires an allen wrench and removing you front frame cover. How about your sway bars-connected? Just checking the basics. Also look at tie rod ends, ball joints front bearings...just jack it up and move the front end around and see what is giving at all.


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Make sure that the drag link and tie rod are *exactly* parallel. My Jeep had a measley 2" shackle lift [from the previous owner] and was *very* dangerous to drive over 40mph. I put stock length shackles back on, it now drives and handles great, at all speeds. The other option, as another person pointed out, is to get a drop pitman arm to bring the drag link and tie rod back into the right place.

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I had the same problem with my 79 cj7 after a four inch lift with
dropped pitman. I also replaced all the steering parts. Found that
I had positive caster. I put shims in to bring the caster back to
negative 6 degrees and loosened the spring shackles. Doing this
corrected my steering problems and ride.

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