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It's official - Arctic Cat rules the hill!

The weight savings in the new motor comes from "pork chopping" the crank shaft. The new crank's lobes get chunks of metal taken out of them so that they look like a pork chop instead of a big round lobe.

But changes to the motor don't stop there. The Cat engineers redesigned the cylinders and head with a change to porting as well. The result is a motor that does require good fuel, but makes 10% more hp than last year's motor… easily touching the 160 hp mark.

All those numbers look great on paper, but what about on the snow? Well, let us be the first to tell you that the new Arctic Cat 800 motor is FOR REAL.

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2010 Mountain Sled of the Year: Arctic Cat M8 - The more time you spend on the M8 the more you find little things that make it a great sled - Snowmobile at
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