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I'm going on tour in kosovo next year and have been trying to decide what mods to do on my willys with the extra cash, but I am woundering on the "mountain jeeps" I have seen in pics from tellico, I am reallt tempted to build one but how does a jeep on 44's work in rock? has anyone tried to build one using an only willys as the start point?


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Using only a Willys as the starting point? You'll need to at least swap axles of course. I'd say spring over with uncut full
size truck axles. I assume this is what you mean.

Anyway, it'll work on rocks, but I think 44s are getting a bit carried away. It will be tough to fit the tires. You'll most likely
need to move the rear axle back and the front forward and cut all the rear fender well out. You'd probably be best off starting
with a CJ-5 frame ('72 ) maybe even a CJ-7 frame. I'd go with the CJ-7 frame if you want the rock buggy look, just put the
grill way out there with a couple pieces of tubing out there to hold it in place. The wheel base will help anyway.

Terry L. Howe

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44's Do definetaly work on rocks. The problem is the fact
that in order to fit them you have to have some serious lift
as well as heavy axles. This in turn requires either crazy
gearing or a stout motor. The biggest setback in my mind is
the increase in the center of gravity. If you look at the rock-
crawlers that run 44's they all do serious fender hacking in order
to keep the center of gravity low. On a Willy's you will definetally
have to hack the fenders or extend the wheelbase to fit those
big tires and still have a decent driveline angle.

Scott Crothers


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well my rear axle is back 8 inches from stock, and I don't have fenders to speak of so that part would not be a problem. but yeah turning them might be interesting, I figure a 350 chev and deep gears combined.

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