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moto4 350??

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ok, no one seemed to like the honda 200sx for my wife, so now i am looking into a moto4 350, its big like a 4x4, but only 2wd, but looks like a smooth
ride for wife.
anyone have an opinion on this machine for a woman?
i don't like to share my ride! so gotta get her , her!
she's cutting down on MY riding time! lol

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Davez I own a 99 Yamaha Bigbear350 4x4 witch is basicily a moto4 350 just the name is different was changed to bigbear in 91 I believe...mine even sayes moto4 on the real mudflaps...but anyway alot has changed since the days they were called a moto4..but I know a guy that used to own a 87 yamaha moto4350 2wd and it was a great machine its the same size as the 4x4 model but is alot nimbler and better handling I think it would be a great choice for your wife...they ride good for a older model they have good power and good 99 is a 4x4 and its been great have not had one problem yet and I like it as much now as the day I brought it home from the dealer...but anyway teh the Bigbear or as yours is called moto4 would be great for you wife its a good solid reliable machine that is big and heavy enuf not to turn over on a litle stump..actualy my 99 model is very sturdy...but good luck and keep on 4wheeling...

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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