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The seasons end is quickly approaching.

October 3rd is the Last Minute Qualifier that is also open to exhibition racers.
October 4th is the US Finals where up to 28 qualified racers could determine 4 winners.

How to Qualify for the Finals
1. attend 3 events prior to the finals October 4th
2. opt to pay a Buy-in fee of $500 + entry fees to be eligible.

Entry fees for October 3rd:
utv 30
mod 50
super-mod 100
unlimited 100

Entry fees for finals:
utv 60
mod 100
super-mod 200
unlimited 300

All fees including buy-in fees are 100% purse payout

Anyone can race Saturday.

Saturdays teams...
UTV Class:
Erick Brock and Chip MacLaughlin of Boobicon Racing/Pringle Fab
Tonya and Darius Melton of Premier 4x4
Brandon Powell, Louie Keener, Heath Catron of Team PMS
Walter Rush (EXHIBITION)

Modified Class:
Billy & Clay Gilstrap of Hard Core Crawlers
Lisa Rush and Travis Cook of Team ATF
Louie Keener, Heath Catron, Brandon Powell of Ballzout Motorsports

Super-Modified Class:
Steve brown and Brian O'Dell of Team Rock Wild Racing

Unlimited Class:
Travis Snyder and Steve brown of Team Rock Wild Racing
Jared Smith & Micheal Dalton of RLC Motorsports
Derek West and Richie Keller of Crush Motorsports
Tim and Colby Cantrell of Cantrell Racing
Shelby and Billy Gilstrap Hard Core Crawlers
Tim Taylor and Carl Yarbrough of Hard Core Crawlers
Kevin Cruz from Birmingham, AL (EXHIBITION)

Sunday's teams...
The teams below are currently qualified, plus most of the teams above (Sat) will also be qualified for Sunday.
UTV Class:
Darius Melton of Team Premier 4X4

Modified Class:
Louie Keener and Heath Catron of Ballzout Motorsports
Judd Zembsch and Jeff Mayfield of Team Freakin Nutz Racing
Billy and Clay Gilstrap of Team Hardcore Crawless
Duane Garretson JR and Jeff Speer of CGYS Motorsports
Evan and Eric Tidwell of Team Premier 4x4
Darius and Tonya Melton of Team Premier 4x4

Super-Modified Class:
Mike Campisi and Chad Kerls of Team Rock-N-Racing
Jarred Engelbach and Daniel McManis of Team Chedango
Jay Albrecht and Barry Beadle of Hammer Time Racing
Daniel Stricklin and Jeremey Bearup of Team Strictlin Construction

Unlimited Class:
Buddy and Jody Daugherty of Team Rock Hard Racing
Amanda and Lindsey Daugherty of Team Rock Hard Racing
Tim Taylor and Carl Yarbrough of Old Town Customs
Carl Yarbrough and Chad Roach of Old Town Customs
Shelby Gilstrap & Billy Gilstrap of Hardcore Crawlers
Barry Beadle & Kevin Barnes of On Track Crawler Team

So... whos representing what states?

Texas: 9 teams
Missouri: 10 teams
Arkansas: 6 teams
Tennessee: 1 team
Alabama: 1 team
Georgia: 1 team

MOROC is giving away free kids tickets all who visit the MOROC website.

Print both sides and bring the tickets with you. Print them twice and recieve the free pass for both days! Use one ticket per child.

Tickets are for kids under 14 years old. go to forums and click upcoming events

Also note, we have more entertainment for you and your kids!

Kids and adults can ride in the vehicles up and down hills, over rocks, and perhaps even through some mud. As a rider, you get to choose your driver. The driver will teach you/ your child about the controls and operations of the vehicle, what makes it go fast, what buttons work what, and maybe the team will even let you use some of the controls. These team members will also be available to sign autograghs and take pictures. The cost is $5.00 per ride and half the fees go back to the driver.

Also, Kids can WIN a chance to ride in the vehicles along with other great prizes. If they participate in a $1.00 raffle, they may be choosen to race remote control jeeps for a chance to win cool prizes. Included is free ice cream, pizza, movie tickets, t-shirts, ride in a rig, and more.
So, your kids could get a chance to race off road.


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