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SMORR has onsite camping for tents and RV's with 43 NEW ELECTRIC CAMP SITES!!! There is a bathroom and shower facility that has all the comforts of home (flushing toilets, hot water, very private, central heat and air. They also have a dump site and water available for RVs.

We are building new jumps, new hill climbs, and will have better visibility for spectators and better (less steep) walk ways for spectators. These courses are FAST! Speeds will be faster and courses will be longer!

Meet & Greet Friday, May 15

2110 E. Independance Street
Springfield, MO. 65804

If you plan on racing, you must contact me on or before May 15th to let me know if your racing. If you cannot make tech friday night at Hooters, you must tech in between 7 & 8 am, and you can only do so, if I know your coming. If your not on the list below, I do not know your coming.

To register, you need to include the following:
1. driver first and last name
2. co-driver first and last name
3. spotter first and last name
4. team name
5. vehicle number
6. city and state

This thread will be used as an unofficial head count.
I will update the list as new teams sign-up.

Race teams:

Special UTV Class
1. Matt Enochs & Sarah Graham of Team Nasty racing a Polaris RZR (Alvord, Tx)
2. Kyle Boggs racing a Polaris RZR (Oak Grove, MO)
Who's #3?

Modified Class
1. Louie Keener and Heath Catron of Ballzout Motorsports PRO(MO)
2. Darius Melton and Tonya Melton of Premier 4x4 PRO (Hot Springs, AR)
3. Lisa Rush and Travis Cook of Team ATF (MO)
4. Judd Zembsch and Jeff Mayfield of Zembsh Racing (MO)
5. Rick Johnson and ? spotter of Safari Off Road (Maybe attending) (MO)
6. Chuck and Zack Summers of Sum-Fun-Offroad (maybe attending) (MO)
7. Preston Simpson and Carl Yarbrough of Old Town Customs (Nacogdoches, TX)
8. Who's #8?

Super-Modified Class
1. Mike Campisi and Chad Kerls of team Rock-N-Racing PRO (MO)
2. Jarred and Bob Engelbach of team Chedango (MO)
3. Sam Patton and ? spotter of Sam's Offroad (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
4. Travis Cook and Lisa Rush of Team ATF (MO)
5. Kyle & Richie Keller of team Keller Motorsports (MO)
6. George Dobson and Dan McDonald of team Sumner Machine (Tulsa, Oklahoma)
Who's #7

Unlimited Class ALL PRO
1. Buddy and Jody Daugherty of Rock Hard Racing (Mabank, Texas)
2. Amanda and Buddy Daugherty of Rock Hard Racing (Mabank, Texas)
3. Dan McDonald and George Dobson of Team Lucky Dog Racing (Wichita, Kansas)
4. Derek West and Richie Keller of Crush Motorsports (MO)
5. Tim Taylor and Carl Yarbrough of Old Town Customs (Nacogdoches, TX)
6. Who's #6?

SMORR is Sponsoring the winners big money!

Unlimited teams win $500
1st $250
2nd $150
3rd $100

Super Modified teams win $300
1st $150
2nd $90
3rd $60

Modified teams win $200
1st $100
2nd $60
3rd $40

UTV teams win $100
1st $100

Thank Brandon Powell and the Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch! SMORR, Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch - Home

For more info, visit or call 314-974-5337
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