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Contact: Nathan Davis at MOROC
Phone: 314.974.5337
Email: [email protected]
Website: MorocIntro

MOROC Announces 2009 Season Opener at Spring Creek Off Road Park

February 3, 2009 St. Louis, MO - MOROC- Extreme Off Road Racing is proud to announce that the 2009 South Series season opener will debut in Spring, Texas on April 4th. The rock racing event will be held at Spring Creek Off Road Park located at: 28418 East Hardy Road just North of Houston, Texas.

MOROC rock racing contains a mixture of throttle and finesse, speed and accuracy, timing and luck. It is full throttle racing over rocks, through the mud, up steep hills and flying off jumps. The fastest team wins! The event is based strictly on the fastest time, not points. The teams are racing modified Jeeps and buggies designed to take the abuse and the punishment. Visually this is the most intense, extreme off road racing spectators will ever witness. The wrecks, the rollovers, and the carnage will be insane. Vehicles will go up against the most extreme man-made rock racing obstacles in Texas.

These events are highly visible and extremely spectator friendly. Come on out to the great outdoors, bring your family, and immediately fulfill all your entertainment expectations and desires. Spectators get six hours of constant entertainment which is longer and less expensive than any other sporting event. MOROC prices are extremely low considering this entertainment value. The prices are $15.00 for adults and kids 12 and under are free. The event vendors provide food and drink, T-shirts and souvenirs. An announcer and DJ keeps the spectators entertained with music, free prize giveaways, and they describe the action packed racing. Despite the poor economy, MOROC is growing in popularity and events. This is because of the terrific family value. MOROC has increased its events this year and has expanded its operations into several new markets, including Texas, Tennessee, Northern Missouri, and Indiana. MOROC has seven rock racing events scheduled as part of its Central US racing series and over fifty teams planning to race this season. Davis believes "MOROC is expanding because of the support of our fans and our race teams". The low price and high entertainment value also plays a major role in MOROC's success.

There are four vehicle classes racing in this event.
• The Modified class has a maximum tire size of 35" tires with unlimited suspension, engine and driveline options. The vehicle must be OEM and have many additional safety features.
• The Super-Modified class is limited to vehicles with rectangular frames with an OEM look. No maximum tire size.
• The third class is generally the crowds' favorite, the Unlimited class. The Unlimited class has tube-frame buggies racing. These ultra high horse-powered vehicles are extremely loud and extra fast. Many of these vehicles are pushing out 500 horse power, enough to overturn a vehicle in one second.
• The forth class is an event specific class allowing any UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle) to race. Each UTV must have doors and additional safety features in order to pass inspections.

Spring Creek Off Road offers some of the finest off road action in the Lone Star State! In addition to the miles of challenging trails, they host some of the most spectacular off road events available. They are committed to preserving the natural beauty of their woodland trails and keeping Spring Creek Park a clean, beautiful and safe place to ride for the entire family! "We are very excited to be hosting the MOROC rock race" explained Roland Bal, manager of Spring Creek Off Road. "We are building a killer competition area with man-made rock obstacles and BIG jumps. These courses will punish any vehicle that crosses the start line. Nathan has us extremely busy for the next couple of months creating these new side-by-side courses." The end result will be big air, big crashes, and a lot of fun! Bring your entire family, they will love it!

For more information regarding this event, April 4th, please refer to Spring Creek Off Road at Spring Creek Off Road
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