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MOROC's 2009 Central US Series consists of 7 events.

North Series
May 16th, Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch (SMORR), Seymour, Missouri
July 25th, Hannibal Rocks, Hannibal Missouri
September 12th, Badlands, Attica, Indiana North Series Finals

South Series
April 4th site TBA, Texas
June 20 Pitts Gap Rd, Dayton, Tennessee
August 22 Pitts Gap Rd, Dayton, Tennessee South Series Finals

Qualifying Central US Finals
October 3rd, Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch (SMORR), Seymour, Missouri

To Qualify for the a series (either North or South), teams must race in 3 total races minimum. Two of those events must stay within the specific series the team wishes to race in.

The Central US Finals is a qualifying event. To be eligable to compete in it, teams must compete in a minimum of 3 events for the whole season. It can be any event, North or South.

Teams can compete in both series if desired. Teams can also attend events outside of 'their series' to try to achieve and tranfer a better score to their series scores. Teams can drop up to 2 scores if they attend 5 or 6 events.

Contingency prizes will be awarded at the Central US Finals.

For more info vist MOROC
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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