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Ok, cleaned all the terminals (all grounds, battery, on the starter etc) I got a new solenoid. Anyways I still can't get the jeep to turnover. Does this mean that the starter is probably bad, what are the symptoms of the actual starter dying? Also how is the starter grounded? My personal (low $$$ fix) is that maybe there is mud (very very possible) in between the starter and the engine not allowing a good ground, is this a possibility or am I missing a ground on the starter? It does make a click noise but not constant and for all I know that could be coming from the solenoid. Anyways thanks in advance.

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Have you tested the new solenoid? Do you have 12v at the starter? Take a jumper cable and clamp one end onto the 12v negative post on the battery and clamp the other end to a good metal part on the starter (to eliminate the bad ground quandry). The solenoid should click once when you turn the key to start, and again when you release it. Pulling the starter is only 2 bolts and one wire. Why not pull it, and either test it yourself (ground it and put 12v to the positive terminal on it (make sure it's held very securely, they have a tendency to jump)) or take it to your local auto parts and have 'em test it for you.

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If it's "very very possible" that mud is down there, then it may be INSIDE the starter, causing your problems. Some of the best advice I've been given, is to connect the ground cable right to a starter bolt, not to the motor, or a manifold bolt, or crap like that.

Might be time to take the starter apart and clean it out. Use a manual for this.

Good luck

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