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Re: more questions about 79 F350 (d60\'s)

I've seen s10 blazers on full sized truck frames, sometimes they are complete chop jobs and you can tell that they were put up there just to be some where to sit and other times you can tell people put their time into it and did it right, i'd say get a yj frame, extend it simlar to H8's yj and throw what ever kind of body you want on it (tj, yj, cj, comando, willys) Full size frames can be relly wide, big and too heavy. Also the springs may be just too "beefe" to work, as i understand it spring makers usually use thick springs for weight capacity and thinner ones for flex and a good ride and i'm guessing those springs are real thick and wouldn't flex that well, now i'm not 100% sure but that's my guess. I'd also say get a "donar jeep" for the body so you don't have to track down tons of little things like hinges, brackets, lights, wipers and everything else. I would say go the yj frame and what ever body you want option but that's how i would probably do it.


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