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More Power For My 97 Ranger

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Im new and I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on increasing my power for my ranger. I have a 97 with a 2.3 engine 4 cylinder and 5 speed tans. From what I have heard I can put in a jet jet chip, new exhaust and a cool air intake. I was wondering if you guys also knew how much more horsepower each would give me.
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If you want to make the most out of your 2.3, there are a few places I would start. The first place to look at cheap bolt on performance is KKM Look at getting their Tru Rev Max kit. Another place would be Clifford Performance Most people have forgotten that the 2.3 used to be a decent small car race motor that has alot of potential. Summit Racing, Jegs and others offer quite a bit of performance goodies for the 2.3. However, the MAJOR issue with their performance parts is, that I do not know how many are still street legal.

There are alot of other things you can do with a 2.3 to help it out (exhaust, computer chip, larger injectors, bigger fuel pump, NOS, cam, crank, other engine internals, 180 degree thermostat, eletric fan, etc.). As well as other little tricks to make it work better. I would also goto The Ranger Station for these types of mods for the 2.3. There is a guy named Russ that MIGHT be around over @ Ford's offroad page He built a 2.3 into some sickly fast thing in a 2wd truck of his. I think it was in the 11's or 12's or worst case 13's, but I can't remember his E-Mail address. You might want to check the Main board over @ Ford's as well for him

Good luck with it
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