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This is so easy to do and takes just a minute to use the feedback form to let them know we need more public meetings for this!!

Urgent Action Required

As a lot of have heard the BLM has closed the Clear Creek Management Area.
They also seem to think that the only users of the area come from San Jose
or Hollister. Well its time to show them they are wrong, and let the BLM
know that the OHV community in the San Joaquin Valley is a very powerful
group to be dealt with, and we will not be ignored.

I have been receiving a lot of e-mails and requests from our members wanting
to know why the BLM has not scheduled any meetings in the San Joaquin
Valley. Needless to say we have asked Rick Cooper at the Santa Clara and
Hollister public scoping meetings to have at least two meetings here in the
valley. We requested one should be held in Fresno and one in Visalia.

I guess that the BLM is not listening to the public. Its time to rattle
their cage.

What we have found out at the last two public scoping meetings that if you
do not show up and give your public input, that later in the planning
process you will NOT BE ALLOWED to give any input.

We feel it is time to stand up and be heard loud and clear. Below you will
find the contact info for the BLM Hollister field office. PLEASE NO MATTER
WHERE YOU LIVE , take a moment from your busy day and e-mail or call the
office and request that Rick Cooper hold two public scoping meetings here in
the valley. Request that one should be in Fresno and the other in Vasilia.

Hollister Field Office
20 Hamilton Court
Hollister, Ca. 95023
The link below will take you directly to the BLM Hollister feed back form.
Please take a moment and lets see if we can flood his office with requests,
and he will be forced to do something.


Mike Wubbels
Executive Director
Friends of Clear Creek Management Area
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