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More intake problems....

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I just got my old intake off from a 1978 304, and I tried to put on a new one.... but I am having problems getting the rubber gaskets at each end (front and back) to stay put. When I tighten it down, the one in front squeezes out, and the one in back squeezes in. I am not tightening the bolts down that much, and the gaskets still keep doing it. I was told that the torque spec for them is 37-47ft/lbs. Is there an order I have to tighten them down in... I started from the inside going in a circle working my way out. Also, do i have to scrape out the black silicone I just put in everytime I readjust it? Thanx.


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/wwwthreads_images/icons/tongue.gif Here is what it says in the little 304 booklet for Jeep Owners: (1) if a new intake manifold is to be installed, transfer the EGR valve and back pressure sensor, thermostat housing, coolant temperature sensor and CTO valve from the old unit.....(2) Coat both sides of the manifold gasket with RTV-type sealant.....(3) place the gasket in position on the alignment locators at the rear of the cylinder heads. Hold the rear of the gasket in place and align it with the front locators....(4) Install the end seals and apply a cost of Permatex No. 2 sealant.....(5) Lower the manifold into position and install the retaining bolts finger tight....(6) After making sure the bolts are properly started with no binding, tighten to the specified torque(43 Ft. Lbs.) in a crisscross pattern. Hope this is of some help. You know, the Chevys had that same trouble. and I never permatexed the gasket itself, only the corners...otherwise they popped out./wwwthreads_images/icons/crazy.gif

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i put an edelbrock manifold on my 360 and the first time i used the rubber end gaskets. they stayed in place. i took the manifold off about eight months later and just put silicone on the ends, no gasket, and it still doesn't leak.

Aluminum aftermarket intakes reccomend that the end gaskets not be used, but instead that you use sealant only. I did this with Edlebrock and it worked fine.

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